The traveling Lazy Kate comes in only one configuration. The Horizontal style has been discontinued. Our Vertical Kate holds three regular and/or jumbo spools/Bobbins. The Kate folds flat with spools on the threaded rods to prevent them from coming loose and for optimum portability. Alexandra's Crafts Traveling Lazy Kates are solid wood and come in a variety of hardwoods which vary in colors. All are hand made by us in Oregon, in the Willimatte Valley.

Please note that since each Lazy Kate must be shipped individually, combined shipping is not available with Lazy Kates. All Lazy Kates are shipped Standard Flat Rate Priority mail.

Wood Type
How'd you hear about us?
Exotic Wood Type
How'd you hear about us?

Lazy Kate Wood Types

Maple & Cherry $90
Maple Wood Cherry Wood
Maple Cherry

Exotic Woods $130
(Some exotic woods may not always be available)

Purple Heart Wood Walnut Wood
Purple Heart Walnut
Lacewood Wood Paduk Wood
Lace Wood Paduk
Tiger Wood Wood Bubinga Wood
Tigerwood Bubinga

Lazy Kate Features

Vertical Lazy Kate

Vertical Kate Vertical Kate

Inlayed Corners

Lazy Kate Inlayed Corner

Magnetic Clasp

Lazy Kate Magnet

Tension Knob & Line

Lazy Kate Tension Line Lazy Kate Tension Knob

Threaded Rods

Lazy Kate Rod Lazy Kate Rod Thread


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