Birds of a Feather  -  $66.00

  • A True Art Yarn
  • Consists of:
  • 2 Worsted Weight Yarns
  • 2 Chunky/Bulky Weight Yarns
  • 1 full 400 yard skein Sport Weight Yarn
  • approx 700-900 yards
How'd you hear about us?

Each one starts with a full 400 yards of our sport weight yarn and then adds the other four yarns in varying amounts netting you approximately 700-900 yards total. You'll find a combination of mix blends yarns as well as superwash yarns in our Birds of a Feather. [You may find that current combinations are different if you have purchased one previously due to recent changes in our line of worsted and chunky yarns]
Although you have the pure joy of five yarns in one skein none of them are tied to each other. They are simply tied together with a single tie as if they were one large skein, and you'll then find multiple small independent skeins when you cut that tie. This allows you as the knitter to decide just how you want to knit with each yarn. You can knit them all together in a single project, or knit multiple accessories to complement each other that are dyed together and take away the need to try and match individual skeins.
This yarn is fun to have in your collection, particularly if you are an off the road creative knitter.
Please note that each skein is dyed to order, thus additional time may be required before it is ready to be shipped.

Below is a small selection of our Birds of a Feather in order to provide you an idea of the varied textures you will find within this yarn. Please view our other yarns for colorway examples
Birds Autumn Birds Emerald Forest Birds Blackberry Birds Kaleidoscope
Autumn Emerald Forest Blackberry Kaleidoscope
Birds Cranberries Birds Sea Anemone Birds Rhododendron  
Cranberries Sea Anemone Rhododendron

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