Alexandra's Crafts, nestled in the heart of the Oregon Willamette Valley, is a small independent yarn company taking pleasure in providing you with very unique customized hand dyed yarns. Always searching for new luxury yarns and fibers that you will enjoy, we have added several new lines to our already diverse inventory.

At heart, I'm a fiber enthusiast who has then need for lots of yarn and fiber all the time. I started making Lazy Kates out of need for myself and friends which turned into Alexandra's Crafts. I needed a lightweight, portable and flexible way to store and use my bobbins on the road. That was the beginning of Alexandra's Crafts in 2005.
I spent some time in the garage at home designing, creating and testing various ideas, and finally came up with the basic folding Lazy Kate design you see today. Since then we have patented the design and improved upon it making it more user friendly as well as practical for packing in your suitcase or spinning wheel bag. This also allowed for the opportunity for us to offer both horizontal and vertical options.
In 2005 I was also teaching knitting and I decided I wanted to try to dye some sock yarn for a special project. I fell in love with the process and that began the expansion to a full fledged Yarn company! As I also spin we added spinning fiber to enjoy as well.

In 2008 I moved to Oregon and despite everyone strongly suggesting that there were just too many hand dyers in Oregon for me to be successful I gave them no heed and kept on dying yarn and fiber. Things quickly exploded into more than I ever imagined and I found myself scrambling to find help to keep things organized
In the beginning 2012 Heidi came on board and took over everything related to the computer, the books, the website, and the shipping as well as keeping track of inventory. With her help the business has continued to grow on a scale that I could never have managed without her organization and management behind the scenes. I may own the business, but the reality is she runs the business. We make a good team and are always finding ways to improve things whether it be in how we display our products or what products we chose to carry.

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